Max, The Diapered Zombie Killer AUDIOBOOK

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What the ABDL world has always needed is a Diapered Zombie Tale!

At 11 years of age, Maxwell Roosevelt is destined for greatness.  Born of affluent parents and attending an ivy league prep school, Max has everything he needs for success, including a presidential name.  But Max has a secret that has nothing to do with success.  He fantasizes about being an ordinary kid, with ordinary parents who will give him the affection he craves.  He wishes he could be someone else’s little kid running around in diapers.

Yes, Max wants to wear diapers.

When Max meets another boy at the public pool with a similar desire, they strike up an unlikely friendship.  Robby is from a working-class home, attends public school, and has little ambition beyond playing video games and making fun of his teenage brother’s love angst.  As a former bedwetter, he also has an interest in diapers for security reasons; and so, with a common interest, the two boys become friends over the summer.

Then Halloween comes and their lives are interrupted by the Zombie Apocalypse.  Max’s life takes a dramatic turn as he now fights to survive, aided by Robby’s brother’s teenage girlfriend, Cindy, and Cindy’s three lesbian teenage friends.  With additional help from Cindy’s lesbian friend’s grandpa who is a survivalist…well, it gets complicated.  It boils down to this: zombies won’t stop until they find what it is they’ve lost.  Is it something as simple as a beloved childhood toy, or is it just brains they’re after?  Max discovers the truth in a climactic standoff.  The question is: is anyone left alive in the world to hear it?

  • An Audiobook version of this exciting story.

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    359 MB
  • An Audiobook version of this exciting story.
  • Size359 MB
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Max, The Diapered Zombie Killer AUDIOBOOK

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