Frills For Freddy

AB Discovery
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AB Discovery is pleased to be offering the eagerly-awaited sequel the the very popular 'Belle Means Beautiful'

Freddy is the blissfully-unaware husband of Mary who has just helped their neighbor transform into a lifestyle sissy baby. Is it Freddy's time to discover diapers, baby dresses and a life in frills? And is he the only man who has a woman looking to transform him into a delightful and happy sissy baby? Freddy is just the first to enjoy the tender machinations and care of four women who crave the rare delights of a sissy baby of their own. But how do they each obtain that rare and remarkable man - the sissy baby girl?

Plans are made for a new AB clothing company and as part of that... they discover how to turn any man into a baby girl.

A wonderful tale that continues on from where the very popular book - Belle Means Beautiful  leaves off.

I want this!

A PDF and EPUB version of this book!

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