A Woman's Guide To Sissy Babying Her Partner (diaper version)

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Gwendoline Summers' first book was the phenomenal success that introduced women to the idea and practice of babying their partner - regardless if they are ABDL or not. Now, she goes further and brings in the concept of turning your partner into a baby GIRL.

We all knew that was the next step, didn't we?

Gwendoline walks us on a step-by-step journey as the wives and girlfriends of our partners and takes them back to diapers and babying all for the purpose of making our relationships more dynamic and 'not boring'.

A terrific book for all women wanting something special and different in their relationships.

NOTE: this is the ‘diaper version’ of the original ‘nappy’ book.

I want this!

A PDF and EPUB version of this book

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