The Secret Society Of Sissy babies

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An AB Discovery 'After Dark' Book.

Forrest Grant delivers the final stunning conclusion to the bedwetting trilogy - The Secret Society of Sissy Babies.

This third book follows the widening of the household's babying and bedwetting and introduces a number of new intriguing characters. Baby Rebecca and Baby Bronwyn both become 'complete' while Alice and her therapist go on a journey that takes them to places they never expected.

Bedwetting becomes normal and accepted in the household. Nappies and babying become common and what is to be expected. And finally, we meet more of the Secret Society of Sissy Babies and learn the stories of its multi-generational adherents.

The three residents of 84 Baker St find themselves discovering new feelings, new experiences and the thrill of letting go... literally!

First came "Overlapping Stains"

Then came "The Babies and Bedwetters of Baker St"

And now: "The Secret Society of Sissy Babies"

  • A PDF & Epub Version of this book

  • A PDF & Epub Version of this book
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The Secret Society Of Sissy babies

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