Tales From The Nursery (Vol 2) DIAPER VERSION

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AB Discovery is pleased to be offering the short stories and novella of long-time ABDL author, Colin Milton.

In this wonderful book you will find six ABDL stories, completely reworked and re-edited and available in the second of an eleven-volume series.

Colin Milton brings us six enticing short stories about being an adult baby, usually in a relationship with a mummy or aunty. You will thoroughly enjoy your time in Colin's world of babies and mummies - a world YOU may want for yourself!

You will read wondrous accounts of a man succumbing to his wife to become her baby. You will enjoy devouring the secret lives of men and women hidden from public view where the man is a nappied baby, still bottle fed or more.

These stories are:

Making My Boyfriend Into a Baby

Bottle-feeding My Boyfriend

A Surprise for Baby

Lessons For The Teacher

The Grenfell Ladies Circle

The Day of the Puppy

  • A PDF and EPUB version of this book

  • A PDF and EPUB version of this book
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Tales From The Nursery (Vol 2) DIAPER VERSION

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